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Historical Tours

Bring your Club or Society, Group of Friends or Family to discover the truth behind the story of Earsham Hall, from its beginnings in the 15th Century to the present day and what it's really like to live in such an unusual family house. Annabel Stretton-Derham shares everything she knows about her home, including the historical stories, architectural references and anecdotal evidence that show that the survival of such a building over the centuries is a mixture of hard work, tenacity and luck!

The story refers to prestigious owners, celebrated architects, tragedies, a boarding school, evacuees, ghosts, love stories and so much more packed into two hours. This is complemented with the physical exploration of a house which has been restored in many areas to be as it would have been in the 18th Century. Add to this super food from the Tearoom at the beginning and end of the tour and you have a perfect Morning, Afternoon or Day out!

Find out more about what it is like to live at Earsham Hall day to day, how history and modern living mix and just what it means to live in a house which has such a fascinating past…and present!

We also offer tours booked directly with us and can tailor your visit to suit your requirements - just give us a call to discuss further. 

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