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Annabel’s hypnotherapy sessions created a solace for me during stressful times, providing me with a calming, homely, and relaxing atmosphere in which to take on board her wisdom. Her practices always allowed for a personalised experience, in which I felt special and cared for. Her sessions have provided me with a range of skills, and a new-found calm and confidence, which I will take with me through my life and future experiences, for which I will be eternally grateful.  

 I took a hypnotherapy with Annabel over two months ago in yet another attempt to give up a smoking habit I have had for more than 20 years. I have previously tried pretty much everything to kick the habit to no avail and thought I had nothing to lose to try hypnotherapy with Annabel, my third attempt with a hypnotherapist! What a difference. I felt unusually relaxed and at ease, calmed and positive. That was more than two months ago and I have not smoked a cigarette since. If you want to stop smoking, which is important before you take hypnotherapy, then I cannot recommend Annabel highly enough. It worked for me! 

A very  relaxing hour in the comfiest of armchairs – was able to experience a dreamy walk along a narrow and leafy country path, which I still recall when needing to detach myself from everyday pressures! A great help. 

What a fabulous experience, which I would definitely recommend. Annabel is totally professional, warm and welcoming and very good at putting you at ease. I felt noticeably calmer and better for the immediate days following and feel the whole experience has been thoroughly worthwhile. Thank you. 

I cannot believe just how effective this has been for me.  I was a little bit sceptical to start with, but really needed help so I went for it anyway.  Annabel was lovely from the beginning, totally putting me at my ease and explaining clearly what it was all about and what would be happening during the session.  We then got on with it and I didn’t want it to end!!  I felt completely relaxed at the end of it and then found how this sense of calm continued onwards.  The issues had almost totally gone straight away and considering it was something I had been experiencing for years, I couldn’t believe it.  A couple more visits cemented it in and I feel like a weight has been lifted.  I am just trying to find some more issues now, so I can go back and enjoy the experience again!!  Thank you so much. 

Earsham Hall, near Bungay. NR35 2AN

01986 893868         07880 741409

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