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What is NLP?

Three little words, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) can bring on dramatic change when used with and by my clients. Simply speaking it draws on a huge tool box of techniques that I was taught professionally and developed over the years, that can rapidly change the thoughts, beliefs and behavioural patterns that can limit a client’s potential and development.

The name itself can be confusing, but fear not! “Neuro” refers to the brain, “Linguistic” is the language used by us all and “Programming” tackles the persistent patterns of behaviour that we learn and then repeat. NLP gives a fascinating insight into what makes you tick, how you feel, how you make sense (or not!) of the world around you. Centring on communication and change, NLP focuses on how to think and communicate more effectively with yourself and with others.

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful way to elicit change in clients, and more NLP techniques add more strings to the bow that facilitates change and is used in every session in some shape or form.

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